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General Questions

What is FandangoNOW and how can I use it?
What do the Rotten Tomatoes™ scores mean?
How much does FandangoNOW cost each month?
How much time do I have to view my rentals?
How do I redeem my promotional code?
How do I use my FandangoNOW gift card?
What is the difference between HD and UHD?
Why does my movie keep buffering?
How can I turn on Closed Captions?
Why do I need to enter my credit card info again when I sign in to FandangoNOW with my Fandango VIP account?
Can I access FandangoNOW with my Fandango VIP credentials?
Can I access FandangoNOW outside of the U.S.?

Account and Settings

How can I manage my account settings?
How can I add/change/remove my credit card information?
How do I create a FandangoNOW Account?
How do I register or un-register a device?

Purchase and Rent

Why isn't there a rental option available for some titles?
What are FandangoNOW's rental terms?
What is a Pre-Order and when will I be billed for my purchase?
What forms of payment does FandangoNOW accept?
What is a Season Pass?

Playback and Download

How do I Play a movie from my movies library?
How can I download a video so I can watch offline or on-the-go?
Can I download a Rental?
Why can't I stream a rented movie I have already downloaded?
Why can't I stream HD movies on my safari browser?
Can I stream HD movies and TV shows on my computer?
I am receiving a black screen and no audio when playing a title via the web or I'm getting an Error Code 6063


What is UltraViolet™?
How do I create or link an UltraViolet™ account to my FandangoNOW account?
Why do I need to link my FandangoNOW account to an UltraViolet™ account when I try to purchase movies?
How do I know which titles are UltraViolet™?
How do I redeem an UltraViolet™ code?

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