Ultra HD (Streaming & Download)


What is VIDITY™?
What does HDR mean?
Waht are the device requirements for UHD with HDR?
What content is available in HDR?
What content is available in VIDITY 4K Ultra HD?
How do I know if a title is in HDR?
Can I stream HDR movies on FandangoNOW?
Can I plug my VIDITY™–enabled storage to any device and playback my content?
What happens if I am purchasing an HDR title but I don't have the Evolution Kit for my UHD Samsung TV yet?
How do I activate my Western Digital promotion?
Why do I have a lock icon on some of the VIDITY™ titles?
How do I exchange the free titles I have activated?
Can I use any hard drive to download 4K titles?
How much space is needed on the Video Pack to download a 4K movie?
Is there any limit on how many 4K download titles I can download to my Video Pack?
Can I connect the Video Pack to any 4K television and watch the content I have already downloaded?
Do I need to do a bandwidth test before downloading a movie?
How do I know what 4K movies are available to download?
While downloading a 4K title, can I stream the same or another title at the same time?
Why can I only download my 4K Ultra HD movies to a WD My Passport Cinema?
Is there any additional equipment needed to download my VIDITY™ Ultra HD movies to my TV?
What is the difference between HD and 4K UHD?
What is 4K Ultra HD with Download?
What is 4K Ultra HD?
Will I be able to download my 4K Ultra HD content?
What are the device requirements for 4K Ultra HD with Download?
How long will it take to download a 4k movie?

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